【 Requirements for Graduation

 (1) At least complete 18 credits, including 12 for dissertation.

 (2) Graduates may have the maximum of 15 credits for each semester.

 (3) The subjects and credits of the courses offered by the institutes in the school and by the schools which signed the MOU

        with Kaohsuing Medical University, can be approved by  the confirmation of both the instructor and the Director of the Ph. D.

        Program in Toxicology.

     (4) In order to apply for the Dissertation Defense, students who enrolled since the 106 academic year should take the study program form 

        "Taiwan Academic Ethics Education Resource Center" website at the first semester, and get a Certificate of Participation from the test.

 (5) Before graduate, graduates whose native language is not English must provide official  proof of English proficiency with

    scores at or above the following levels. Or taking the courses that meet the needs of graduation in school.

【English Requirement for Graduation

Doctoral degree students need to submit at least one of the following English proficiency pass test score prior to their Ph.D. dissertation exam:

(1) Score for Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL): TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (IPT) 500 points (or above) or TOEFL Comptuter-Based (CBT) 173 points

  (or above)  or TOEFL Internet-Based Test (IBT) 61 points (or above).

(2) Scores for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) passed with 4.5 points (or above).

(3) General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) passed with High-Intermediate level (First Stage).

(4) Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC): 600 points (or above).

(5) College Student English Proficiency Test (CSEPT) : Level 2 (or above).

(6) Cambridge Main Suite: PET (or above).

(7) Business Lanuguage Testing Service (Bulats) : ALTE Level 2 (or above).

* Students are required to enroll the ‘English Courses’ and passed in the Center for Languages and Culture (KMU), if students failed to produce any one of the above English proficiency test. 

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